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Soul Illuminated Podcast

The Soul Illuminated Podcast hosted by Mary J Wright is a spiritual based podcast that will serve and activate you in creating a life that reflects your soul's desires. Mary speaks all things energy, shifting out of doubt and resistance, being powerful and authentic in your service, and being real and grounded in your spirituality.

Dec 15, 2018

What if breakdowns and the experiences of "disconnection from source" are part of alignment with our soul's path?
What if, rather than you viewing them as path derailment, and the path as something you need to get "back on", you trust in the process and release all attachment to what you think it is, and the need to know relationship you have with what is, and just ALLOW.
Just trust that you ARE on the path, you are simply re-calibrating and fine tuning, going through the necessary levels and layers of healing to continue to ascend and expand, because in order for expansion to take place, we must allow the light that is expanding within us to illuminate our shadows in order for us to accept and let our attachments to them go.
We must accept and dive into our dark, in order to feel the light.
We must learn how to lean back on the loving force that is moving through us, continuing to lead ourselves forward, and finding the balance between the 2, the leaning back and leading forward, to find the sweet spot of flow.
And when we veer off too much in the lean back or the lead forward, we can feel disconnected, when reality is, it's our ego that is creating that idea. We think we have veered off path, but that's not the case at all.
You are learning a new level of leadership, and a new level of surrender, to align with your true voice.
For today's Solocast, Mary is jamming out on how to surrender to the cosmic force that is always moving through you when your ego has created this feeling of disconnection from Source Energy and you're feeling out of your magick.

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