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Soul Illuminated Podcast

The Soul Illuminated Podcast hosted by Mary J Wright is a spiritual based podcast that will serve and activate you in creating a life that reflects your soul's desires. Mary speaks all things energy, shifting out of doubt and resistance, being powerful and authentic in your service, and being real and grounded in your spirituality.

Dec 27, 2018

As we surrender to stillness this time of year, we make space for ourselves to get very present with our bodies to allow our bodies to cleanse out the internal energetic muck to make space for us to receive abundance in 2019. It is normal to be experiencing waves of emotions right now, we just need to feel these emotions to allow them to move through us rather than keeping them stuck in us with avoidance and numbing. 

Now is the time to do the healing work in this season of stillness because come January there will be a fiery energy that will really call us into stepping into our Queen energies even further... right now we are healing the damsel in distress to make space for that Queen. 

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