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Soul Illuminated Podcast

The Soul Illuminated Podcast hosted by Mary J Wright is a spiritual based podcast that will serve and activate you in creating a life that reflects your soul's desires. Mary speaks all things energy, shifting out of doubt and resistance, being powerful and authentic in your service, and being real and grounded in your spirituality.

May 15, 2020

Join me for this juicy and raw conversation with Amanda JP Brown in which she explores the topic of being your own hero through radical self-forgiveness, releasing shame, and amplifying self-worth, self-love, & self-acceptance. 

Former trauma therapist, Amanda JP Brown went from high school drop-out and drug user who...

May 5, 2020

Join me for a beautiful conversation around inviting the goddess into your life and how she has worked through Sam Baldwin for her entire life which resulted in her birthing her Goddess Reiki school in Calgary, Alberta. This is bound to activate you deep within your womb. 

Find more information about Sam and Goddess...