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Soul Illuminated Podcast

The Soul Illuminated Podcast hosted by Mary J Wright is a spiritual based podcast that will serve and activate you in creating a life that reflects your soul's desires. Mary speaks all things energy, shifting out of doubt and resistance, being powerful and authentic in your service, and being real and grounded in your spirituality.

Dec 29, 2020

As we step through the passageway between 2020 to 2021, it may feel we are stepping between worlds...because we are.

New Earth is here my friends, and the work that starseeds, wayshowers and light raisers put in during the potent portal between 12-12 and Solstice anchored this into reality.

The crystal beds beneath Uluru left by the Pleiadians some 4000 years ago have been activated, releasing their codes to support Gaia in connecting the umbilical cord between the Cosmic womb and her own womb. The rainbow kundalini serpent has risen and we are standing in the threshold of the first days of a New Age - the Age of Aquarius.

The doorway to the old way of doing and being has closed, root down in your New Earth reality and claim your throne as a masterful cocreator.

On today's podcast episode we reflect on this past month's energies and remind ourselves that our New Earth crown is waiting for us to claim it, it's time we let go of all of the old narratives that have kept us feeling small and unsupported and allow our full I AM presence anchor through us.


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